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Pasta Making Classes

Come and make fresh pasta with us at the Pasta Laboratory in Bath or at your home. We'll show you all the tips and tricks to make perfect pasta every time, the way the Italians do it. Our classes are tailored to your needs, including a home service to cater for parties and other events.

We'll also share our favourite recipe combinations and pairings to get you cooking the authentic Italian way.

What happens?

We host two-hour workshops, for up to 5 people in our Bath space as well as private in-home tailored classes for up to 12.

Learn the basics of making different pasta doughs, become a pro at spinning out linguine and pappardelle on a pasta machine and get a taste for making your own filled Tortelli. We are happy to bring the vino and take over your kitchens for a fun-filled pasta-making experience like no other!

Making pasta with Luca and Federico at Pasta Uliana in Somerset

If you attend the class at the Pasta Laboratory, we send you home with the raw ingredients to cook a sauce to eat alongside your just-made pasta plus two 500g packs from our artisanal dry range.

Pasta making classes in Somerset

Sounds great! How do I find out more?

Prices start at £50 per person with a minimum booking of four people. Call us for availability and more details - 07791 256635.

Alternatively email us on to register your interest.

Please note booking numbers may change in accordance with social distancing restrictions.

Pasta making classes in the Bath area
Having fun while making pasta in Bath pasta making classes
Making pasta with Luca and Federico at Pasta Uliana Somerset pasta making classes
Pasta making classes in Bath, Somerset, making fresh pasta in Pasta Uliana shop in Bath