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Fresh Artisan Pasta

The heart of what we do. Fresh delicious pasta, created with love here in Bath.

Scroll down to see what makes our pasta so special.

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The best ingredients

We use only the finest ingredients and make sure they are both local and organic wherever possible.

Bags of Shipton Mill quality flour for pasta

Our free-range, organic eggs are sourced from Clarence Court in Lacock and our wheat, gluten-free and chickpea flours come from Shipton Mill in Tetbury.

Free range eggs for protein pasta Bath

Shaping the right way

When pasta dough has been mixed and kneaded it’s then pushed through a ‘die’ to create the desired shape; from rigatoni to spaghetti and everything in-between. Machines used in mass manufacturing opt for dies coated with super-smooth Teflon, because it’s cheaper and quicker.

Pasta machine making artisan pasta in Bath

We take our cues from the old pasta making traditions and use dies made from bronze. They have a naturally rough surface so churn out pasta shapes with a slightly irregular surface: so your pasta cooks better, is able to absorb sauce and has a more pleasing texture.

Bronzie die for pasta making Pasta Uliana

Gluten free

We have mastered a tasty egg Chickpea Pasta which is gluten-free, high in protein and low in carbs. It isn’t your average supermarket protein pasta.

Come a get a free sample for you to try with a delicious pesto or a red pepper-based sauce.

Durum wheat growing

The quality of the semolina flour we use is an essential factor in enhancing the quality of our pasta, keeping the pasta's structure, preventing mush when cooking, making it as traditional an Italian product as possible.

Finest quality semolina flour for pasta making in Bath

Going slow

We don’t rush anything, our dried range is dehydrated slowly in our workshop for 24 hours to give it a more intense taste and retain higher vitamin content.

Pasta being dried at Pasta Uliana

Typically large commercial producers have short drying times to maximise production and profits. Drying at a slower pace allows the pasta to retain its protein and vitamins and improve its overall taste.

Casarecce dried pasta drying in Bath Pasta Uliana

Tweaking Tradition

We feel passionately that pasta can be incredibly nutritious. By incorporating protein-rich flours such as lentil and chickpea and also adding in vitamin-packed ingredients like spinach and spirulina to our formulas we are proud to create pastas which both taste delicious and give you long-lasting energy.

Spirulina fusilli pasta in bath

We are constantly working on new recipes that marry together the finest old pasta making traditions with cutting edge nutritional science.

Red lentil flour pasta
Radiatori fresh pasta shop in Bath
Making tortellini Pasta Uliana shop in Bath
Fresh artisan filled pasta made in Bath tortelli